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Welcome to EziSched

EziSched is an online, realtime appointment scheduling service for private teachers, tax return agents, hair stylists, makeup artists, or any business that needs to set appointments for their clients. Your clients will be able to login and see at a glance what times are available then when a client makes an appointment, you can get email and or cell phone notifications to alert you of the appointment.

To get started, just click on the button above, fill out a simple form and check your email to get the link code. Simply get your webmaster to add the code to your website where you want the appointment button to appear and then direct your clients to click on the link, sign up for an account, and set their own appointments, it's that easy.

Sign up for a free account today and let your clients set their own appointments in real time. All you need to do is set up your appointment slots so your clients can see available times and days.

As the appointments get filled, the calendar updates in real time so that clients will see right away what appointment times are available. To avoid double bookings, no two appointment times can be booked at the same time.

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